Capturing the Natural and Urban Beauty of Australia with Photographer and Writer Amanda Asquith

DashBurst user Amanda Asquith is a writer, producer and photographer living in Sydney, Australia, who finds inspiration all around her. Her journey as a photographer began as a young girl, when her parents gave her a Kodak Brownie camera for her ninth or tenth birthday. But her love for photography began even before that first camera: her father, too, enjoyed snapping photos and creating albums filled with great shots of family, pets and cars. Asquith inherited his love of photography, a love which she has nurtured into adulthood and one which continues to grow today.


Asquith enjoys capturing landscapes, flora and fauna, and the performing arts. In an email to DashBurst, she explains:

I love the challenge of taking photos – capturing a moment in time that can be revisited time and again is like magic. It’s hard to say which one is my favourite but I’d probably say landscapes, since the subject itself is relaxing yet provides for a creative outlet as you interpret the light as it falls. Escaping to the wide open spaces and limitless skies is soul food for me, since my day job requires me to be indoors in artificial light.

Living in Australia, Asquith has ample opportunities to capture stunning landscapes, including, beaches, deserts and rainforests, waterways and mountain ranges. Not to mention native plants and animals. But Australia’s cities, particularly Sydney, also provide Asquith with interesting subjects to photograph. Asquith talks fondly about Sydney, where she lives:

We have the wonderful jewel of Sydney Harbour, the magnificent Sydney Harbour Bridge and the iconic Sydney Opera House all of which inspire photographers around the world… The Vivid Sydney event is a ‘must see’ for any photographer.

Although she loves her city, Asquith plans to explore the rest of Australia, “an amazing continent of extreme weather and beauty.” But, perhaps more than any particular site, she’s keeping an eye out for the quality of light:

I love the medium of light – it looks simple but is actually complex and constantly causes me to stop in wonder at it’s beauty. Like all photographers, I’ve had to pull over to the side of the road, stop, go back, take a detour, get in some strange locations just to ‘get the shot’ and capture that moment. So while Australia provides endless opportunities for magical images, it’s the essence of light itself and the challenge of creating art and telling stories through photography which draws me to it.

Asquith still has her father’s original Polaroid Automatic 320 Land Camera from 1969 or 1970 and his old Minolta SLR. And, throughout her life, Asquith has continued to enhance her skills with courses, through practice, and by experimenting with settings and subjects. She has also spent time with Australian photographer Ken Duncan, who serves as mentor and inspiration. Asquith says:

Like photography, life is often about being ready for the ‘moment’ when it comes and enjoying the journey. I hope that my photos inspire people, bring them joy and that for a moment, they can be transported to another place and time.



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