Only Time Can Tell: 8 Most Innovative Timepieces on the Market

Imagine being woken up by the smell of coffee. Or imagine that, in place of an alarm, your ring vibrated. We at Dashburst are constantly looking for more ways to improve our readers’ lives…one second at a time.

Check out these 8 awesome alarm clocks that will forever change the way you wake up!

1. Barisieur – Coffee Brewing Alarm Clock

Nothing sounds better than waking up to the smell of coffee, and with this alarm clock every morning will smell like a fresh new start. With the Barisieur, no longer do you need to wake up to the stressful and grudging noise of common alarm clocks. When it is time to wake up, the Barisieur induction element switches on, boiling water is transported into the filter, and in no time you ease yourself out of bed with a refreshing cup of coffee.

Have a little zen in your busy life!

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2. Glo Pillow

One of the problems with traditional alarm clocks is that the loud beeping or buzzing jars us awake. The sound can seem almost violent, especially when you’re sleeping peacefully. Don’t we have enough stress in our lives!

But with the Glo Pillow, you can finally wake up – on time – more naturally.

A light in this pillow slowly begins to shine 40 minutes before you need to get up. Gently, the light gets brighter and brighter, simulating the rising sun and matching your circadian rhythm. Now you can finally enjoy your sleep and not have to wake up grumpy and tired!



3. On Off Alarm Clock

The On Off by Studio Mama is not your normal alarm clock. It’s awfully cute for those who like a little pop on their desk, and did we mention that the On OFF is incredibly simple to use? The alarm is shaped like an elbow and can sit on either of two flat sides. To turn the alarm on, you tip the clock one way. To turn it off, you tip it the other way.

Have your pick of either blue, pink, yellow, green or white or, even better, complete your tetris collection with all five!



4. Mhin Clock

The unrelenting ticking of analogue clocks annoys some people and drives others crazy. And yet digital clocks, with their easy-to-read, accurate-to-the-minute displays, can be anxiety producing.

Thankfully, the Mhin exists for those who like silence as well as those don’t want to stress about time. This clock tells time through a slow and consistent linear progression of bars. It runs silently and gives you only an approximation of time. As importantly, with a modern design, it can add to a room’s ambiance.




5. ChronArte Canna Wall Clock

With the ChronArte Canna, you can enjoy a new time-telling experience. The concept is similar to the Mhin, only instead of bars, the Canna expresses time with twelve tubes of water. Each tube represents an hour, and the water fills up for every hour that passes. The system empties once all the tubes are filled, thus beginning another 12-hour cycle.

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6. Jetlag Alarm Clock

Innovation doesn’t always have to be complicated, and this ingenious Jetlag alarm clock solves one of our biggest problems without losing a traditional clock’s functional simplicity. This clock shows you side-by-side times of two different time zones, so you’ll never have to lose track of either. It’s also small and compact, so you can travel on time and with ease.


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7. Qlocktwo

People love crosswords just as people love cool clocks, so why not have the best of both worlds? Qlocktwo is an exciting alarm clock with the look of a crossword – it spells out the time on a grid of lettered squares and, depending on the time, the words appear in different areas of the grid. Granted, it’s a pretty simple mechanism, but this clock does offer a different perspective on time. I wouldn’t mind having this cool and slick new addition to my living room wall. How about you?

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8. Ring Vibrating Alarm Clock

This Ring Vibrating Alarm Clock must be the coolest thing we’ve discovered yet.

You probably know how frustrating it can be to live with someone who has a different sleep schedule, be it a spouse, roommate, or sibling. Never again do you need to worry about waking up to that person’s alarm.

One of these rings vibrates at a specified time and the vibration substitutes for an alarm. They come in twos, one for you and one for that person with whom you share a bed or room, so you can both wake up according to your separate schedules.




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