On Art and Fashion: Mila Ritz Explains Life as a Model Turned Photographer

Evocative and timeless, Mila Ritz‘s fashion photographs are more than just visually stunning. They are a celebration of the female body and psyche.

There is something powerful going on in Mila’s works, and it’s tugging at our heartstrings. Perhaps it’s the raw depiction of pain and agony that several of her pieces evoke. Or perhaps it’s the intense energy of the female body that Mila captures in much of her work. Whatever it is, her photography leaves our hearts crying for more.

For Mila Ritz, photography wasn’t always her life goal. What began as a hobby connected with her work in modelling transformed into her career.

At first I was a model, and then I was curious to try myself out as a photographer. With the help of my friends and colleagues in the modelling industry, I was able to jumpstart my career as a budding photographer.


“Every picture has a story,” Mila says of her creative process. She continues:

Sometimes it’s funny and sometimes even resistance is required. I try to impose as little as possible in order to highlight the organic quality of my shots. For example, one of my photo shoots took place in the rain and everything was very spontaneous. No one even thought about this as a photo shoot – there was no theme and no makeup.


Mila hopes to one day work with major fashion magazines such as Vogue and Bazaar.

In the meantime, she continues to impress many with her stunning fashion photography. Check out more of Mila’s works on Dashburst!







See more of Mila’s work on her website.

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Beautiful and stunning work Mila, congrats on the article!!!
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