Lost and Found: Photographer Liam Douglas Brings the Forgotten Back to Life

We may casually pass by an abandoned gas station or outdated car without any particular regard, but photographer Liam Douglas finds beauty in these forgotten objects. And by capturing timeless shots of the forgotten and timeworn, Douglas brings new life to his subjects.

Douglas’s work is intense. Viewers of his photos can feel the slow degradation of these ordinary objects. By the end, we see not a forgotten object, but one rich with history.

I started a personal project called Forgotten Pieces of Georgia after running across some really cool abandoned buildings on a casual Saturday drive and shoot. The most exciting part is raising awareness to the public about all these ‘mom and pop’ businesses that are now gone.


 One of my all time favorites is an abandoned Amoco station I shot here in Georgia. I have always been a history buff and even though this old gas station had some more modern pumps before it closed, they kept one of their original invisible pumps from the early 1900s as a display piece.


Dashburst is excited to welcome Douglas as a featured member of the Dashburst platform, and he is excited to share both his content and his knowledge with others. He hopes to help DashBurst to grow into a huge creative community!

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Liam Douglas
Thanks so much! I am honored!
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