For Your Listening Pleasure: Indie Songs for the Weekend Unwind

There’s nothing worse than having a lackluster weekend, so we at Dashburst are committed to preventing that. Prepare for 3 days of auditory excitement because we’ve curated the perfect playlist for your weekend pleasure. Starting Friday night and ending on Sunday night, we’ll be guiding your ears on an unforgettable musical journey.


Friday Night

You just got out of work, the time has finally come… It’s the weekend. Hallelujah! Take off your work clothes and put on something a little fresher ’cause you’re gonna be dancing all night long to celebrate the end of your work week. Smallpools’s “Dreaming” will get you off that couch and have you jamming like never before.


Saturday Morning

Rise and shine! It’s a beautiful morning for some fresh and fun beats, so take a listen to St. Lucia’s “Elevate” for a nice Saturday warm-up.

Saturday Afternoon

Okay, this might be our favorite time of the weekend. We’ve got beer, music, and loads of sunshine – how much more perfect can this get? So keep those spirits “Lifted Up” with some Passion Pit.


Saturday Night 

The sun has set, but the party’s not over yet. Before you drop yourself back into bed, take a minute to hear “Weekend” by Priory. Cause it’s the weekend…it’s the weekend…


Sunday Morning

The weekend’s winding down, so Sunday’s gonna be a slow day, but let’s still make sure to fill it with music. Here’s a good hangover cure: an awesome Catching Flies remix of Mt. Wolf’s “Life Size Ghosts.”


Sunday Afternoon

Feeling that afternoon low? Yeah, us too. So hey, why not go for Vérité’s “Weekend,” which will have you wishing that every day were as chill as this song.


Sunday Night

Sadly, the weekend’s coming to an end, but we’re not leaving you just yet! We’ll say goodnight with this quiet beauty: “Underwater Snow” by Múm.


Peace, love, music!


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