Eco-Friendly Chic: 5 Coolest Sustainable Building Designs

Word has it that architectural firms are incorporating more sustainable alternatives without sacrificing aesthetics  – and we’re more than happy to support this awesome trend.

With global warming, habitat destruction, and other environmental problems growing worse, it’s especially important for architects to be more frugal and less wasteful. Thankfully, they’re coming up with creative ways to stay eco-friendly.

Here are five insanely cool store designs that incorporate recycled materials. They’re all five visually stunning and ingeniously sustainable.
Which one is your favorite?

Puma Container Store, Multiple Cities

Materials: shipping containers

1_PC_web_1_816 puma-city-shipping-container-store-11

Ann Demeulemeester, Seoul

Materials: shrubs, moss, bamboo,

Ann-Demeulemeester-Shop Mass-Studies-Ann-Demeulemee

Ecoark Pavilion, Taiwan

Materials: plastic bottles

ecoark5 ecoarc-ed01

Karis by Suppose Design, Japan

Materials: cardboard shipping tubes

supposedesignkaris_02 karis_01

Starbucks, Amsterdam

Materials: repurposed Dutch oak, antique tiles, recycled bicycle inner tubes

Starbucks-concept-store-Amsterdam The-Bank-Starbucks-Amsterdam-2




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