Be a Kid Again: Designer Blends Art and Play in Interactive Installation Piece

One of the biggest events in the world of interior design is the Interior Design Show – Toronto. At this year’s show, designer Philippe Malouin of London collaborated with Caesarstone, a leading manufacturer of engineered quartz, to create an interactive installation piece called Swings.

While swings are often associated with child’s play, Malouin moves them from the playground into a sparse gallery space. And, by the way, Malouin’s swings aren’t made of bulky wood or ugly plastic, but of Caesarstone’s finest quartz, adding a strange sense of sleekness luxury. Featuring a 12-piece circular swing set, the installation aims to demonstrate the juxtaposition between art and play through minimalist, sculptural language.


Philippe Malouin:

The installation invites people to interact with the product naturally. Although it looks and feels extremely natural, the material has some really amazing qualities for designers to work with….



Swings-for-Caesarstone-IDS-2015-Philippe-Malouin-4-600x385 Swing-from-Caesarstone-and-Philippe-Malouin-at-IDS-2015_dezeen_468_0

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