The 10 Coolest Kickstarter Design Projects that Need To Go to Market

Ever wish that luggage took up less space in your room, or that light bulbs could be more energy-efficient? Look no further, because Kickstarter members are currently campaigning to fund these particularly awesome products – products that promise to make your lives easier and succeed in the market.

Since its launch in 2009, Kickstarter has served as a breeding ground for innovative technology. And the 10 Kickstarter design projects we describe here are some of the coolest and smartest inventions we’ve ever seen.

1. Drip-Free Umbrella

bd0b2330c7d937f720340ee48888fcb1_originalThere’s nothing worse than closing your umbrella and having the water drip all over your clothes. With KAZbrella, however, say goodbye to water where you don’t want it!

Unlike typical umbrellas, the KAZbrella opens inside out – it folds up rather than down. This is ingenious because you won’t ever have to worry about your umbrella dripping on the floor or having to struggle with closing your umbrella while getting into your car. Plus, the KAZbrella is double-spoked, which means it’s extremely resistant to wind.


2. Collapsible Luggage, Tray, GPS, and USB Charger

a8ffe2a19d61f0963a593c9717475adf_originalAfter you use Barracuda, a new multifunctional suitcase, you’ll never see travel fashion the same way ever again. This is the world’s first fully collapsible luggage case with a built-in laptop tray, GPS technology, USB charger, and user-friendly handle. No more worrying about conserving closet space, having room to use your laptop on the go, or running the risk of losing your luggage. No more finding an adapter when your phone battery gets critically low or struggling with the handle when in a hurry – the Barracuda solves all of these problems in one master product. Travel just got five times easier.


3. Pocket-Sized Water Bottle

Every year, over 50 billion water bottles are thrown away. Sadly, most of this plastic ends up adding to landfills or littering parks, beaches, and streets. Conventional reusable water bottles are an okay alternative, but, for many of us, they’re just too large, clunky and inconvenient.

Enter Hydaway, the perfect water bottle that allows you to forgo disposable water bottles without lugging around a bulky Nalgene or Camelbak. Designed by Niki Singlaub, Hydaway is small enough to fit in your pocket or slip into your bag. To transform the Hydaway into a water bottle, simply expand the top and bottom.


4. Collapsible Solar Lantern


This product is so cool it makes us giddy. Alice Min Soo Chun and Stacy Kelly’s SolarPuff is a lightweight, collapsible little lantern that charges in the sun and provides hours of fun at night. The lantern, which easily collapses, is extremely portable. Like a tiki torch or kerosene lantern, this solar lantern can add ambiance to your yard or porch – but you can also easily take it camping or to the beach. Plus, it floats and is waterproof, in case you want to create a light show on water. Hey, you never know.


5. Slim Beer Cooler

It’s a beautiful, sunny day and you’re dying to go to the park and have a few beers with your friends. You’d like to keep your beer nice and cool, but traditional coolers are just so bulky and inconvenient! Thankfully, Scotty Allen has just the solution. Meet BevPod, the new generation of portable beverage coolers. Carrying up to 10 cans or six bottles, you’ll never have to worry about sacrificing a good drink for convenience. Only three inches thick and three pounds in weight, the BevPod easily fits into bags and backpacks for on-the-go.


6. Sustainable Juice-Powered Pen

You would be surprised by the waste caused by pens and printing. Inks used in traditional printers are often derived from petroleum, and even soy-based inks aren’t biodegradable. Then there’s the waste associated with disposable pens.

Thankfully, Jessica Chan, inventor of WinkPens, has the ultimate solution. Instead of using traditional ink-refills, why not use wine or another staining liquid as ink? This novel alternative is not only more environmentally friendly, but it can save you money! No more need to buy specific ink-refills designed for a particular pen, just easily grab your “ink” from the kitchen! With WinkPens, you can literally get your creative juices flowing.


7. Automatic Plant Watering Tray

With PikaPlant’s Tableau, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to water your plants ever again. These days, people are getting busier and busier, and it’s easy to forget to care for the little things that matter. That’s where Tableau comes in.

Tableau utilizes a bi-valve irrigation system and a wet-dry cycle that keeps plants regularly quenched without over-watering or under-watering them. And it’s not just utilitarian: the sheer beauty and simplicity of this product evokes a very calming, zen-like feeling for anybody in the household.


8. Zero Waste Cap: Lotion Pump Alternative

The pump on your lotion bottle is sputtering and spitting, but there is still so much product left in the bottle. What can you do?

Chad and Amy’s Zero Waste Cap is the way to go. The Zero Waste Cap is a traditional flip-top cap with one incredibly smart design – it’s shaped so that the bottle rests upside-down, allowing for all the excess lotion to fall and easily come out of the bottle. Simply remove the pump cap and pop in the Zero Waste Cap instead. Even better, the cap comes with two different-sized adapters that fit most major lotion bottles. Save that lotion and say goodbye to messiness, waste and frustration!

9. Solar Oven that Cooks at Night

After getting a GoSun Grill you’ll never look at summer barbecues the same ever again. Say goodbye to conventional grills, which are frustratingly difficult to handle, prone to flame and residue accumulations, and only able to cook one way. Unlike the conventional grill, the GoSun Grill bakes, steams, roasts and boils. It requires little set-up and cleans without the dirty gunk. Even better, you can also cook food overnight using stored solar energy. Eat better and protect the environment at the same time!


10. Air-Powered, Levitating Light bulb

Of all the cool stuff on Kickstarter, this snazzy little product is one of our all-time favorites. Simon Morris’s Flyte accomplishes two very strange feats: one, the bulb itself levitates and, two, the electricity that lights the LED is transmitted wirelessly. Yes, you heard us right. Using induction and magnetism, Flyte is able to float in mid-air and is completely battery-free.

Simply mentioning that you have a levitating light bulb will instantly turn heads. I mean, how can you not buy a floating light bulb? The magic doesn’t just end there, though. You can also use the levitation station to charge your phone through the built-in induction coil. The wireless power module transmits about five volts (without any risk of shock) through the air. Simply place your phone over the base and let science do the rest.


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